Abatement Associates: Removing Asbestos Flooring And Providing Asbestos Cleanup

Asbestos Abatement Associates provides Home and Commercial Business Owners with a wide range of asbestos abatement services, including asbestos ceiling tile removal, asbestos cleanup and asbestos floor tile removal to mention a few. In many of today’s older buildings, there are a variety of Asbestos Floor Tile, Ceiling Tile or Linoleum still installed that could contain asbestos fibers. If you are considering removal of any type of Asbestos, the EPA recommends that you hire a professional abatement contractor to do the work rather than trying to do it yourself.

Professional Abatement Services Requires Skill And Experience

The EPA’s recommendation is based on the fact that individuals simply aren’t trained to do efficient or safe asbestos removal. It requires the wearing of respirators and protective environmental suits as well as the complete sealing of the room or area where the asbestos cleanup is taking place. Asbestos Abatement Associates has the equipment and the know-how to perform these duties without contaminating the surrounding areas. Every member of our asbestos cleanup team has been properly trained and certified by the Minnesota Department of Health in order to ensure proper containment and disposal of any asbestos flooring or tile we remove.

What Kinds Of Asbestos Flooring Are There?

From the early 1930s on, manufacturers increasingly used asbestos in the manufacture of flooring and other products because it added strength to the materials, created some sound proofing and was used for a fire retardant. At the time, they didn’t know just how dangerous asbestos flooring was. If you have an older home chances are that at least some of your flooring contains asbestos. When you pull up carpeting, you may discover older, asbestos tile or linoleum underneath. There is no way to look at flooring and know whether it contains asbestos fibers. Some styles of asbestos flooring include 9×9 and 12×12 floor tiles, linoleum and sheet vinyl. The backing and adhesives used to install these may also contain asbestos. Before attempting the removal yourself, you should contact us. Our asbestos inspector can determine whether the flooring presents a danger to your family.

Our asbestos inspector can determine whether your flooring contains asbestos.
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From Testing To Disposal

Asbestos Abatement Associates can perform a wide range of asbestos abatement services, including:

• Ceiling texture (popcorn)
• Asbestos floor Tile and mastic or linoleum removal
• Fire doors
• Electrical panel partitions
• Asbestos site cleanup, including wet mopping, horizontal wet wiping and disposal of all toxic asbestos waste
• Furnace and boiler removal
• Vermiculite removal
• Vinyl wall coverings
• Ceiling tile removal
• Roofing shingles
• Dust controlled demolition
• HVAC duct insulation
• Patch & repair
• Spray applied insulation
• Flue removal
• And more

Asbestos removal is time-consuming, requires specialized equipment and can’t easily be done by homeowners or business owners. If you suspect that an area of your home or business contains asbestos, the EPA stresses that you should not sweep, dust or vacuum debris or dust that may contain asbestos. It could release tiny asbestos fibers into the air that would be inhaled by yourself and others. Secure the area if possible, then contact us to schedule an appointment to begin professional asbestos cleanup with specialized HEPA filters and other equipment.

Asbestos Cleanup Is Never A Do-It-Yourself Project

Even minimal exposure to asbestos flooring or tile can cause permanent damage to your lungs. If you suspect your home or business contains asbestos, contact Asbestos Abatement Associates for an evaluation. The EPA stresses the importance of proper training and the use of professional equipment for a reason – it’s safe and it works.

There is no need to put yourself or your family at risk for asbestos inhalation.
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