Asbestos Flooring Is A Common Problem In Older Homes

Asbestos floor tile, mastic and linoleum, commonly found right in older homes and commercial buildings are two of the most commonly found sources for asbestos, ranking up there with popcorn ceiling texture. In most cases, Asbestos Floor Tile was secured into place using Asbestos laden Mastic (Adhesive) while the linoleum had Asbestos backing that also contained carcinogenic substance, making asbestos floor tile removal even more crucial for today’s homeowners.

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt Asbestos Floor Tile Removal Yourself

At Asbestos Abatement Associates, we’ve seen our share of older homes and commercial buildings with asbestos flooring and we’ve watched as homeowners have tried in vain to successfully do Asbestos tile and mastic removal themselves. Unfortunately, asbestos floor tile and mastic removal is a tedious, dirty and thankless job that’s difficult to do properly without the proper training, experience and equipment. Most homeowners don’t have access to Tyvek hazard suits, HEPA filtered vacuums or asbestos rated respirators that are required by the EPA. There are other problems that can arise as well when individuals try to remove asbestos flooring by themselves:

• It is prohibitively expensive to take on the task of Asbestos floor tile and mastic or linoleum removal yourself. You will need to rent a HEPA filtered vacuum system, invest in the appropriate protective clothing, rent or purchase an asbestos rated respirator and buy enough plastic sheeting of the appropriate weight to entirely encase the area where you are doing the asbestos removal. Because you aren’t experienced in how to properly remove asbestos flooring, it will be a time-consuming task.

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• You may discover that the top layer of flooring isn’t the only flooring. Even when you remove relatively recent tile that doesn’t contain asbestos, you may find asbestos flooring underneath. By this time, you’ve probably already released asbestos fiber into the air because you were scraping, pulling or prying the top layer and damaged the layer of asbestos flooring underneath.

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• Asbestos tile can easily break, crack or splinter when you are removing it, particularly if it is older tile that has become brittle with age. Asbestos cleanup after the fact can be more expensive and more difficult to do than hiring an asbestos tile removal company like Asbestos Abatement Associates in the first place.

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