From Asbestos To Abatement: Who We Are, What We Offer

Home and Commercial Building owners alike are concerned about asbestos that may be lingering in places where it can cause serious health problems if it is disturbed and inhaled. Every year, more people are turning to asbestos testing in Minnesota and the surrounding area in order to find out whether they have a problem that needs to be addressed by asbestos abatement contractors like Asbestos Abatement Associates. It’s crucial that any time an individual arranges for an asbestos inspection, he makes sure that the company doing the asbestos inspection is properly trained, certified and has the experience needed to handle every step of the abatement process properly. Asbestos Abatement Associates meets or exceeds all requirements for reputable asbestos abatement contractors and we are proud of our credentials!

We Are…

• The asbestos company Minnesota homeowners and businesses can rely on.
• Licensed in Minnesota.
• In compliance with the asbestos abatement standards of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the Minnesota Department of Health and The Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
• Licensed and fully insured.

Aren’t Sure Whether You Need An Asbestos Inspection?
Minnesota Home and Commercial Building Owners Can
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We Deliver…

• Complete asbestos inspection in Minneapolis and the surrounding communities.
• Partnerships with several laboratories offering asbestos testing for Minnesota business and homeowners.
• Complete removal for all your Asbestos needs.
• Dust controlled demolition that some asbestos abatement contractors aren’t equipped to handle.
• Patch, repair and maintenance services related to asbestos testing in Minnesota and hazardous waste removal.
• Quality, professional asbestos collecting of samples and removal for any size job.
• Professional, timely asbestos sampling if required prior to removal, including exceptional site clean-up for every customer.
• Complete transparency. If our asbestos testing in Minnesota reveals that you don’t have asbestos in your home, we’ll tell you and we’ll never schedule an unneeded asbestos removal.

Don’t Risk Your Health Trying To Remove Asbestos Yourself!

Isn’t your safety and that of your family worth a call to Asbestos Abatement Associates?
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for asbestos testing and removal.

We Have…

• Twenty years of experience as one of the leading asbestos abatement contractors in Minnesota.
• One of the few “Super Service Awards” given by Angie’s List to asbestos abatement contractors from 2006 forward.
• The right equipment, containment systems and people to do every job. Don’t risk your family’s health relying on an asbestos inspection or abatement team that doesn’t have the appropriate equipment and access to approved toxic waste removal sites to dispose of your asbestos problem permanently.

Protecting Your Family Is Our First Priority. Protecting The Environment Is Our Second Priority.
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to Learn More About Our Environmentally Responsible Asbestos Removal.